As I write this welcome introduction to my website, the first thing I wanted you to know is that I just had my 80th birthday celebration. I’m telling you that to let you know I’ve been around for a while and life has taught me many wonderful lessons. With over 40 years experience as a psychotherapist, many people have allowed me to accompany them on a small segment of their journey.

I have this year self-published a book, A Journey to Now, that summarizes my work with people suffering from all forms of anxiety and stress to include post traumatic stress, panic attacks and so on. To find more information on the book and to find the meditations associated with the book, click on this link.

My book, Return to Harvest, is more specifically designed to help veterans and families of veterans understand the dynamics of post traumatic stress and discover there is hope for healing.

I have been fascinated for years by the role the mind plays in all sports performance. I designed a video training system for athletes to maximize more consistently their highest skill level. Click on SportsMind Training to find out more about that training program.

I believe each of you possesses inside of you everything you need to move toward and discover inner peace, meaning and purpose in your life and happiness. A Journey to Now and Return to Harvest offer ways to explore a path that works for you. In my view, it’s never about finding the path; it’s about finding your path.

I am now semi-retired, but am open to working with anyone who would like to use A Journey to Now as an outline and guide for a training program to reach selected goals. I continue to take most health care insurance.

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