Assignment Two

            Your assignment for next session is about the same as last time. Instead of listening to CM1-6 once a day, I want you to listen to CM7-13 once a day. For those of you wondering, the total time of those CM’s is about thirty minutes. My suggestion is to spread them out as much as possible. As you listen to the CM’s over the next weeks, I want you to make note of which ones you find more helpful so you can begin to focus on them. Refer to the last assignment to refresh your memory about other aspects of that assignment. In addition, look over your notes from today and the descriptions of Focker’s PTSD and Your True Self at Center and come up with questions for out next session. Leave no stone unturned. I want each one of you to be on board before we go forward. Every time I ask you to close your eyes, I call that a Centering Meditation. I don’t mean to imply a spiritual meditation. You make it whatever you want.

  Listen to CM13



            An important part of the healing process is to exercise, have good eating habits, and get adequate sleep. There are resources in most communities to help with these issues. Obviously, the sleep will be a challenge when suffering from frequent nightmares. The training will help with the nightmares, but you may need additional help with getting a good nights sleep.

             For those of you suffering from alcohol or other drug abuse, I urge you to go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and explore other recourses in your community to get help with any form of addiction. For those interested in and excellent online program for addiction, go to

             See your next session. Go in peace.