Assignment Five

            1. Review your goals and assess your progress.

            2. Continue to use the hourly chime for deep breathing reminder.

            3. On a daily basis, listen to CM 21-23 and 3 others you find helpful.

            4. Twice this week, do The Eleven Stepper exercise.

            5. Each day, do The Nine Stepper exercise.

            6. Record any panic attacks, flashbacks, or nightmares with associated content in your notebook.

            (It’s important if possible, several times during the group sessions at the end of the session, to engage in some kind of physical activity together. Volleyball, soccer, basketball, kick ball or anything where you can have some fun together. Do your best to work this out. CM23 is designed to use after that physical activity, but if you can’t manage to pull it off, tell your group to imagine they have had a couple hours of fun together playing volleyball or soccer.)

            I want all of you to lay on the ground on your backs with your heads in the middle of a circle, shoulders touching.

Listen to CM23



See you next session. Go in peace.