Assignment Three

             1. Once a day, do CM14-18. Record the date and time in your notebook. Remember to put a reminder in your notebook about the CM’s you find most helpful. For quick reference to those CM’s, identify the section or link where they can be found.

             2. Continue to use your hourly chime on your watch to remind you to take your breaths.

            3. At least once this week, I want you to do the ‘Staying in the Moment’ exercise we did in the first group session. Record the date and time in your notebook.

            4. In the next few days, I want you to pick a specific fear you have experienced since coming back home and go through the eleven step process with your Focker. Before next Saturday, go over it several times and tweak it or make it more clear. We will be going over it in the next group session.

            5. Use your notebook in the same way you did the past two weeks.

                        A. Record date and time of instances where you have flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks and how you responded to those episodes.

                        B. Daily entry about how you are doing with the training and what questions you have for me and/or the group.

 Listen to CM18



See you next session. Go in peace.