Focker’s Ressistance


 Fear of the unknown.

What if it’s uncomfortable?

We will have to share our feelings.

What if this doesn’t work. What are we gonna do then?

We may have to trust people and I’d rather keep my distance.

What if we lose control and go crazy?

We’ll have to interact with people.

We’ll have to give up feeling sorry for ourselves.

We won’t get any sympathy.

We won’t have an excuse for getting drunk.

We won’t have an excuse for being angry.

We’ll have to stop being a victim.

We’ll have to talk to people.

We’ll have to stop suffering and feeling guilty for being alive.

We lost friends. What right do we have to feel good. We need to suffer.

If we get better, we might loose our disability check.


            I hope each of you can see that resistance to getting better could be an obstacle to overcome. Unless you’re motivated to get better, Focker will convince you this group is not going to help and he will also let you know that he is getting fed up with picking up those books.