Group Goals

            See if you can come up with some group goals before you look at the list of some possible group goals below. List goals in your notebook.


Some Possible Group Goals

 Sleep better

Stop nightmares

Stop the flashbacks

Stop angry outbursts

Stop the emotional pain

Get over the guilt and shame

Reduce suicidal thoughts

Stop panic attacks

Stop feeling betrayed

Stop feeling dead inside

Get out of black hole

Reduce startle response

Stop feeling like a coward

Stop wishing I were dead instead of my friend

Stop feeling like a murderer

Stop the self-loathing

Feel like home is home

Stop feeling numb

Stop self-pity

Stop sleeping in the basement

 Stop wanting to punch people who thank me for service to my country

Let go of resentment and hatred for people who sent me to war

Stop being angry that people have no idea what we went through

Find a reason to live

Find a purpose for living

Feel hopeful

Reduce drinking and drugs

Be able to drink socially

Stop having sex with different people to keep my mind occupied

Understand God’s role in war

Figure out the purpose of prayer

Stop being angry with God

Improve concentration                                             Be able to concentrate

Share thoughts and feelings                                  Get my memory back

Slow down my racing mind                                     Take control of my life

Learn to trust people                                                  Get back my sense of humor

Learn to love again                                                      Be able to make decisions

Build self-esteem                                                          Get motivated

Be comfortable again in crowds

Get control of my life                                                    Get a job


            Take a few minutes to look these over and see if there are others you want to add to this list. Throughout this experience, we can of course add more goals. I’ll be working with some of you on an individual basis and we can explore your personal goals in more depth.

            Listed below is the assignment. Print this out and put it in your notebook.