Jett’s Final Words

200From the novel:

            Jett: Most of us were clear in the beginning that we didn’t like groups and where uncomfortable and wondered why we agreed to be a part of this group. Now look at us. All of us wanted to continue meeting even when Doc wasn’t physically present. In combat, the situation of survival in the worst of circumstances had drawn us together in an incredible bond and closeness. In this group, the situation was different. It was our willingness after time had passed to open ourselves in a way that none of us had ever done before. We didn’t lay our physical lives on the line as we did over there, but we laid our emotional lives on the line which took a different kind of courage. Some of us would not realize the depth of our connection until later and some of us even now were aware that because of this experience and these comrades, we would never be the same again in some fresh and new ways.

                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *