Living in the Moment

            At Center, you have this wonderful opportunity to see each moment with a fresh and new perspective without the impact of memories. Regardless of the context of the experience or the situation, you have the ability in each moment to see it in a different way.

            If Focker is creating boredom in any situation, you without judging it as good or bad, can go to Center where boredom can’t exist and look for ways to experience the situation in a different way. Remember, at Center there’s no data, no thoughts, no nothing that can create boredom. Focker is the only one who can create boredom.

            Let me take that thought about creating something new and different and take it to another level. It’s helpful not to compare experiences. When you don’t compare, you let go of one being better than another or one being worse than another. Experiences are just different. That way you’re not trying to recreate the same great experience. You’re open to creating something different. That keeps you from saying this experience wasn’t as good as the one yesterday or it was better than the one yesterday. Instead, you say this one was different from yesterday. Not better or worse or even about the same. It was just different.

            That concept is part of the training. If you can do it in that kind of situation, it might help you do it in some situation you believe is more important. The idea is to live in the moment where ideally you don’t remember yesterday’s experience. You are totally focused on the experience today, right now, in this moment. And if someone were to ask you, “How was your motorcycle ride today?” You might say, “Nice, the sun felt good and the fresh air was wonderful.” Then they might say, “You said your ride yesterday was nice too. How do they compare?” You could say, “I don’t know. I don’t remember my ride yesterday.” Or you could say, “All I remember is that it was nice too.”

            What if someone came up to you and said, “What was it like over there?” And you answered, “Over where?” (Smiles) Sure, you remember that ride and sure, you remember what it was like over there, but the goal is to let it go, release it, diminish it, and let it fade away. For now, for the most part it has no relevance in your life. It is part of the past and as one wise person once said about his past, and I quote, “It ain’t real and I’m fuckin’ done with it.”

            We talked in an earlier group about self-esteem which is a concept caught in self-identification with the past. Remember that Focker is the one who is concerned about self-esteem. Whether she thinks she has good or bad self-esteem doesn’t ultimately matter to her. The subject of self-esteem keeps her in charge of your life. When you discover at Center that self-esteem is irrelevant and unimportant, Focker loses control of that aspect of your life. You are then free to focus on your moment and all you will know is how you feel right now. That’s all there is.