More Challenges

DSC01281Everyone, take some time to get Centered. Wait a minute. I just thought some of you may say you were already Centered when I walked in. Most of the time, we have been working on Centering with our eyes closed, but it’s important to remember that the main goal is to be Centered in life with eyes open. One soldier described being Centered with our eyes closed as like a training ground.

That’s true, but it’s much more than a training ground. It’s an experience in itself. Each of you is in the process of creating your own Center which becomes the core of who you are and a lens, portal, or filter through which you create your experience of life. It’s like everything that enters your life through your senses, your mind, and your Focker can be filtered through your Center to be transformed into something new and fresh that unfolds in each moment.

            It’s like being changed from one state to another. It’s like Focker is changed from the state of not working well to the Centered state of working well. Defining the nature of Center is one of our continuing goals. Another important goal is to experience what we define and create at Center. The transformation process happens in the moments when we experience our Center.

            And in those moments, Focker ceases to exist. Since we’ve lived most of our life with Focker in charge, he will continue to resist going to Center. He doesn’t need it and doesn’t want it and sees it as a threat to his existence. Focker says he doesn’t need any Centered portal, lens, or filter to take care of business.

            So you make progress in the transformation of one of Focker’s areas, but she has more areas where she’s in charge. You may make some good progress with Focker’s anger and notice after lots of training you can most of the time stay Centered when those old anger triggers surface. On the other hand, she may be alive and well in the area of jealousy or shame or guilt.

            The challenges are there on a daily basis, but the more you train, the more Centered you will be. Remember, the goal is to be as Centered as possible in all phases of life. I’ll remind you again that before you ever started this group, each of you at times was living from your Center. You just didn’t know to call it that.

            Some of you may find it difficult to remember when that was true. Focker doesn’t want you to remember. Focker is like a misguided child who sees life through a clouded lens of warped perceptions and expectations that create fear, pain, inadequacy, suffering, hopelessness, guilt, cynicism, hatred, and anxiety, to name a few. Focker equals insanity. He builds your identity around your past and seeks to convince you that this is your true self. She has done a good job, but the days of her being in charge of your life can be numbered.

            Focker does however play an important role in your life. When you are paying attention, he serves as a red flag or a wake-up call that you’re not Centered.

            If we were to start today’s group again, I would change my opening statement and say something like, “Close your eyes and go to Center and if you’re already Centered, close your eyes and stay at Center.” So do that now and as always, I’ll let you know when to open your eyes. (About ten minutes)

            Open your eyes and remember to stay Centered. In silence, go for a short walk outside (weather permitting) or inside and when you hear the bell, stay Centered and silent and return to your seat.

           (Ring the bell) How many of you believe you’re getting more skilled in experiencing your Center? (Group Discussion)

            I going to ask for a few volunteers to lead the group in a Centering Meditation. Remember, this is not about how smooth and easy you do it. It’s about getting the practice of saying it out loud which can help you be more skilled at going to Center. It’s human nature to wonder how others will do, but remember to focus on the experience. It’s not about grading another’s performance. It’s about going to Center. Who would like to volunteer? (After someone leads the experience, group discussion)