New Circuits

           Recent research tells us that over a period of time, the Centered thoughts can become more powerful than Focker’s old thoughts that aren’t working. This research calls thoughts, “circuits.” Let’s take the example of the Centered thought or circuit that says, “I cannot change the past; it is what it is. My memory of the past is just that; a memory. I accept it for what it is.” Over a period of time this new Centered thought or circuit, replaces Fockers old thought or circuit that says, “Traumatic memories are bad and you have to fight to get rid of them.” Much of our training is teaching you how to empower and strengthen those new Centered thoughts or circuits.

            I am often asked, “Will we ever reach the skill level where we never have flashbacks, nightmares, or panic attacks?” We can never say something like you’ll never have another flashback, nightmare, or panic attack. What I can say is that if you complete the training and continue to practice your skills, you’ll be pleased with the results. That means the intensity will be greatly reduced and choosing a Centered response will be much easier. I know I have said this before, but as the training continues, you will have more clarity about the process.

            We create Centered experiences that work for us and Focker creates experiences that are not working for us. Is everyone clear about that? We talked earlier about how we live on, “auto pilot.” Sometimes on auto pilot, we are Centered and working-well-stuff is happening and sometimes we are on auto pilot and Focker is in control and not-working-well-stuff is happening. Even though we are not consciously aware of creating those experiences when on auto pilot, it’s important to remember that we are ultimately responsible for creating all our experiences. Remember, if we don’t understand that reality, we are trapped and can’t change.

            One of the goals of the training is to be able to live on Centered-auto-pilot. In many ways, it’s like developing Centered habits. Right now you have a lot of Focker habits and you’re here to build more Centered habits. That’s another way of saying again your goal is to strengthen and empower those Centered circuits.

            Look again at the above Centered thoughts. These are a guide to help you decide if you are Centered in relationship to PTSD. The Centered traits listed will help you decide how you are doing in all aspects of your life. As time passes, you will discover how to decide on your definition of Center as it relates to the specific situations in your life.

            Being Centered is quite a challenge. Human beings have a tendency to be extremely self-focused. Our Focker is the champion of “What’s in it for me? What am I getting out of it? I’m right and you’re wrong.” The list is seemingly endless. There are some good things happening in our world, but in my view, the Fockers of the human race run rampant through all walks of life and control most of what happens on our planet. I believe being Centered is a challenge for all of us.

            Let me summarize these last few points. If you are ultimately responsible for your Focker, you are not trapped or a prisoner of Focker and his philosophy that says your past defines you and the future will kick you in the butt if you’re not prepared. At Center, you, your true self comes to the realization that for the most part through no fault of your own, you have created a monster with a lot of power. Because you understand and acknowledge that you have created Focker, you are now free to create something new and different. You have made the decision and commitment to engage in the training to live from your Center where you can embrace this moment and live it to the fullest. For starters, this will free you from the illusion that your past defines you and you better be scared and worried about the future. 

            I think it’s difficult to accept responsibility for some of the stuff that we’ve created. My intention is to excite in each of you the perception that you are in charge of your own journey. You are not stuck and you will find the path at Center that will take you in the direction you chose for yourself. I hope each one of you will make that commitment to stay engaged in this training process. I’m eager for you to have an open mind and be curious about how all of this will come together.

            Focker will throw up many reasons to convince you that all this stuff is a bunch of crap and that it will never work. In other words, Focker will be resistant to what you’re doing. Focker fears change. She wants to call the shots and doesn’t like being told what to do. Focker believes that he can take care of business without interference from you at Center. Remember, you know Focker really well because until a short while ago, you thought you were Focker. Focker will come up with a list of reasons to resist this process. Before looking at the list below, see if you can come up with some Focker resistant thoughts and write them in your notebook.