Shorter Versions

DSC01196Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing and going to Center. Look around and see if you can discover something you have never seen before at your Center. Continuing to focus on your breathing and being Centered…. Now open your eyes.

The purpose of The Eleven Stepper exercise is to work on issues in your present life that may or may not be related to the war. It’s an exercise you can use in about any situation where you’re trying to get Centered.

            The Nine Stepper is to help you get those traumatic memories out of your head.

            I mentioned last week that we would be working on shorter exercises for The Eleven and Nine Stepper. I will keep reminding you to avoid using the shortened form of both exercises for the more challenging issues in your life and for those memories that are continuing to be intense and intrusive in your life. Shortcuts are not going to work as well on the stubborn memories.