Spiritual Dimension?

From the novel:

            Jett: “I wonder how many tie a spiritual dimension to being Centered. I think most of you know I do, but you probably weren’t aware that didn’t happen ‘till I got some things worked out with Doc’s help. I shared early in the group that I had some issues with God. I have tried to figure out how transformation takes place at Center. That’s when some of my favorite Bible verses started coming into my mind. I’ll just paraphrase since I don’t know the exact wording. ‘Perfect love casts out fear. If you live in love, you live in God and God lives in you. Jesus is the Light of the world. God’s peace is so strong it can’t be described. Jesus says that He leaves His peace with us. The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need. Be not anxious about your life. Jesus says the Kingdom is within us.’ All of those fit my general idea of being Centered. If Jesus is the Light, then that Light is always shining at Center. God to me is like an Energy that’s in all of us and in all parts of the universe.”

                        *                      *                      *                      *                      *

            Jett raises an interesting question. What does it take at Center for the transformation to take place? Is it God? Is it the power of quieting the mind and allowing something deeper within us to influence the transformation? Is it the power of a particular way of understanding our Center like a Centered philosophy? Is it in a particular way of meditating? Is it a particular way we create the Center that fuels the transformation? Or is it a combination of all those things or something else we haven’t thought of?

           Is there within us at Center an Ancient Wisdom, a Sacred Presence, the very Source of life, a Unified Consciousness, a Light that never goes out, an Invisible Energy, an Inner Peace, a Spiritual Guide, a Radiant Joy? The list could go on and on.

            Perhaps there is no one answer to that question. I have simply set up a training plan to help each of you discover your Center and have a role in defining what it means for you to be Centered in your life. How important is it to be able to give a definitive answer to the spiritual question? Maybe you are finally left with the path of your choosing and perhaps along the way as your training progresses, you will discover your personal answers to that question.

            Would someone volunteer now for the Centering Meditation? (After someone leads the experience, group discussion).

            I want to reiterate one more time the importance of paying attention to your body. Everything Focker does plays out in the body in some form of a symptom. The deep breathing, in addition to the numerous other benefits, directly intervenes to lessen the physical symptom. Feel the various forms of stress in the body and then feel the release as your continue the breathing and your journey to Center. Some teachers believe the body is the gateway to the mind. I would mostly agree, but be more inclined to say “a” gateway to the mind.

            Does anyone have any questions about what we have covered over the last eight weeks? (Questions and group discussion)