Training a Must

DSC01238Go to Center and begin deep breathing. Until I let you know, focus only on your breathing and what it feels like to move the air in and out of your body. If you have another thought or Focker wants to talk, shift and focus on your breathing…. (About ten minutes) Let your breathing slow down and open your eyes.

Some group members have commented that we keep doing the same things over and over. They wondered if we would ever move beyond the deep breathing. Sometimes, former clients will come back to therapy. I’ll ask them if they are still doing Attention Training with the breathing and Centering and every time, they say, “No.” My advice to you is to continue training for the rest of your life. You will perhaps discover some new training techniques. For instance, you might find it is easier to focus if you listen to classical music or nature scenes while you train with the deep breathing or when you are doing a Centering Meditation.