PTSD Training Program

I182 hope you have read my book, Return to Harvest. I am excited about the possibilities that this training model offers to those of you who suffer from PTSD. The intention is to provide an educational training experience for those who want to explore that experience as it is portrayed in the novel. What follows will be an abbreviated format with the basic training information and the philosophy behind the training. What will be missing with a few exceptions is the dialogue between the soldiers in the group. In my view, this dialogue is important and sad and funny and interesting and the bond they form as they interact is a critical factor in the healing experience. I hope you will read about it in the novel.

            The most effective way to use this training information is in a group setting with a trained mental health clinician. It can also be used by clinicians to supplement their approach to treating individuals who suffer from PTSD. Under the guidance and direction of a clinician, some of the skills can be used by individuals to help with the reduction of PTSD symptoms. In some instances, a group could evolve into a peer group under the supervision of the clinician responsible for the group.

       The information contained in this website is intended to provide helpful insight into the nature of PTSD and a training model that can be used as a compliment and not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment of PTSD. Any use of the ideas presented in this website is at the discretion of each person. Professionals in the medical and psychological field should be consulted regarding treatment, advice, and questions concerning this training approach.

Table of Contents


Session One

 Session Two

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Session Four

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 Session Six

 Session Seven

Final Session